About Us







Dez Novin Sanat Company was established in 1998, in order to develop the mechanization and with the goal of producing required machinery for implementing the accurate and precision agriculture and for improving the scientific, technical and technological infrastructures in the machinery of road construction, mining, urban services and transportation systems, and also to develop the local and global positioning systems and resolving the environmental problems. Since the early days and due to the science-based nature of the company, we have used the best experts who have graduated in the fields of electronics, computer, communications, optics, mechanics, metallurgy and mechatronic from the Top ranked universities in the world. Also, at the Moment, the company has one of the most modern and equipped laboratories of electronics, laser, GPS, mechanic and metallurgy and by presenting novel products that each has brought wonderful development in the related fields, the company has been able to do a great service to the state and the people. This company is honored to have the opportunity to provide the effective and useful tools for the farmers, contractors and the common people that has facilitated and reduced the people's costs, besides increasing the accuracy and quality of the jobs. In order to obtain such goal, the purpose of Dez Novin Sanaat Company is not to sell its products; rather, the company regards itself as a partner of tthe customers, so that it can present solutions which would lead to higher efficiency in case of the customers' properties, both in terms of tools and in terms of better performance. We are honored to take an effective step, with the help and intervention of the Almighty God and by the endeavors of our young scientists, in the direction of implementing the Supreme Leader's intentions in case of executing the Resistive Economy program and the innovations, inventions, prizes and our customers' approvals, confirms our success in this area. The company tries to continue this way and also the aim to resolve more of the national, regional and global technical and technological problems.