GL722 Grade Laser

Laser Control System

GL722 Grade Laser :

Technical Specifications:

-With a remote control and calibration feature in the farm

- The possibility of rotating the axes X and Y

- With a manual detector

- Producing laser light with wave length of 670 nm and power of 5 mW

- Controlling the laser rotation speed between 300 to 900 rpm

- The laser deviation in the direction axis X with -/+ 10% and Y from -5% to +25%

- Functionality up to 30 hours of working with each full battery charge

- Showing the longitudinal and latitudinal slopes and the battery use on the LCD monitor

- Adapting the coordinates axes with the slopes of the farm

- Accuracy of 3 mm in 100 meters

- The plane lock feature for precision grading projects

-  Automatic finding the farm slope