Technical Specifications:

Dez Novin Sanat DRP974/975 Reversible Plows give you some definite advantages, both in the field and on your bottom line. The pivoting design lets you reverse the moldboards to make right- and left-hand-side passes to finish plowing faster.The in-furrow 974/975 Plow, available with 3, 4, or 5 bottoms, is ideal for small- to medium-sized tractors. Add the options you have with Dez Novin Sanat plows – more sizes, safety trip, and adjustable width of cut – and you can design a new DRP 974/975 Plow to make all your plowing jobs go fast and easy.A three-piece moldboarddesign reduces maintenance costs by letting you replace worn shins rather than the entire bottom. The steel moldboards are best for tough or abrasive soils. This machine provides two features that are Less maintenance and faster plowing.